College Campus Events

We focus on providing college campus events with entertainment through a variety of game shows, improv comedy and murder mystery dinners. This is all done while maintaining a high-level of moral standards and inspiring audience members to often participate.

We also have programs to educate to moral lessons to help improve the conditions on campus for the faithful.

Faith-Based Improv college campus entertainment comedy game shows murder mystery dinners

College campus comedy events are what we're all about. With Faith-Based improv shows of different types to help groups entertain with high moral values in an environment where far too much entertainment teaches the wrong lessons for our youth.

Whether you need a murder mystery dinner show for your on-campus organization, or a game show for your faith-based fraternity or sorority, or an improv comedy show with comedians to entertain a much larger crowd, THEY improv has a show that can be entertaining for your group.

clientsAt our Universities across the country there is a very different need to provide students with fun things to do while keeping morality in mind. Entertainers need to be geared towards this kind of performance. The crowds have a very different sense of humor than the corporate world or even family-friendly private parties. The students have a particular world view and shows have to be custom-tailored to them. For each of our show types we have developed varieties aimed directly at college campus events with a strong moral background.

Murder mystery dinner parties are a blast! For Faith-Based college campus comedy events, THEY improv has created a variety of shows designed to entertain. From Rock Star Meltdowns to the Last Slammer Standing and other customized shows, each involves audience participation and loads of laughs. Audience participants become suspects and perform for their classmates to allay suspicion and reveal the true culprit.

A night of improvised comedy is a great way to entertain large groups of students. The performers take suggestions from the audience and create a Faith-Based college campus comedy event right in front of their eyes. With a variety of sketches, improvised games and comedic monologues, THEY improv gets the crowd laughing and having a great time!

Game shows are a great way to entertain smaller groups. Using information from your group, we write questions that are directly related to your university organization or faith. The creativity and the fun then come from your members as our host facilitates your group entertaining themselves.

For fraternities, sororities and other Faith-Based university organizations, we can custom-tailor to fit most any situation. From team building workshops, scavenger hunts, mix-and-mingle functions or just about anything. Everything we's all Greek to us!

Let us provide you with ideas and a quote for a tailor-made show to make your Faith-Based college campus event a success. We have already entertained at many top universities across the country, why not let them provide you with an evening of entertainment that will not soon be forgotten?

Contact us today to learn about how THEY can help your Faith-Based college campus organization event succeed without really trying!

This includes the top cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans as well as everywhere else in all 50 states.

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