Game Shows

We focus on providing game shows to entertain at your private parties, corporate events and gatherings. We can use these to provide moral and other lessons as well as to cement the bonds within the community along with developing new ones.

With a variety of faith-based game shows available to fit most any need, it's no wonder that so many organizations have achieved success through our programs.

Faith-Based Improv game shows entertainment comedy

THEY improv leads the way for faith-based private party entertainment with their game shows. These shows are designed to entertain and to produce positive results. Participants in the games have a lot of fun while lowering their personal barriers and increase their ability to participate in personal relationships.

Each game show is individualized with elements adjusted based on the needs of the audience. Our clean comedians follow our corporate policy to remain one-level cleaner than the audience. For such performances, our G rated entertainers keep the flow going and having a great time.

Most game shows are provided as a low-tech adventure which allows us complete flexibility to adjust to the audience members as well as to fit into any venue. Additional set elements, equipment, scoreboards, etc. are available at an increased cost. Besides the host, a Vanna is available at an increased fee, and is recommended for shows with larger audiences. Travel costs will also be added to any quote.

Game shows come in ranges of 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes. Prices range due to the level of customization, so you should contact THEY improv for a quote.

Contact us to find out the variety of game shows available and how hiring THEY improv is a winning proposition for everyone in attendance.

Email us for more information at or call THEY improv at (866) 219-4386.