Having birthday parties for teens while keeping in mind having a high standard for moral values is not always easy to find. Kids in their teens start to look for wilder events and have their own ideas on how they want their gathering. We specialize in providing these parties in a positive way taking into account your personal belief system while also working with the teens to find common ground.

We focus on providing comedy for your private birthday parties with Family-Friendly Entertainment utilizing the highest of moral content to celebrate another year of living and the open expectations of the year to come.

murder mystery dinners


We have a variety of teen oriented murder mystery parties that are fun, engaging and are done in such a way as to not be morbid or inappropriate. Often these use the teenagers as the stars of the party and themes include celebrities, beauty pageants and a variety of adult options that still have a high moral standard.

game shows


We have teen oriented game shows that get the young adults to play together while benefiting their morals but also engaging their competitive streak. It helps to challenge their more base instincts in a more positive direction.

improv comedy


We involve the kids in clean family-friendly comedy that helps to make the birthday boy or girl the star of the show. This allows them to get their creative juices flowing in a safe environment.

We provide a series of comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners that can be tailored to any needs that you may have to help you to celebrate this milestone with your friends and family.

united states

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Improv-ing Birthday Parties!
Nothing makes family-friendly private birthday parties more successful than improv comedians. Whether you are having a family get-together or if it is just the kids, nothing spreads a good time like a show at your gathering with some top improvisational comedians.


With family-friendly entertainment and clean comedy ideas and formats that can fit almost any audience or venue, look to us to generate unique ideas for your group. Whether you bring in the celebration of age with a game show, a murder mystery, a comedy show or some other format that we provide, we can discuss your event and find a way to entertain within your budget. Contact us for your teens private birthday party entertainment by emailing us today.

We have earned a reputation for making people laugh under almost any circumstance. Our actors can mill about within an event and entertain from within or take the stage and entrance the audience with daring feats of humor made up on the spot.

And if the celebration is for someone in your congregation, we also have top-notch comedy writers on staff that can come up with topical on-point comedy for your birthday party. These sketches can entertain while even potentially educating to church doctrine.


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