We focus on providing faith-based wedding parties with moral entertainment through shows that are provided by strong professional actors for rehearsal dinners, receptions, bachelor and bachelorette options.

When the time has come to bring the family together to celebrate the future that you are creating, you need a group that can provide entertainment that can match the occasion and use aspects of the event in the content of the performance.

murder mystery dinners


We have a variety of adult oriented murder mystery parties that are fun, engaging and are done in such a way as to not be morbid or inappropriate. Often, we can use the wedding party as the suspects and it gives an opportunity for them to work table to table to thank everyone for attending. Or, for less traditional options, ask about our Ambush Murder Mystery.

Characters: We can spice up your evening by providing colorful characters that come into your events and provide moments that help make it all even more memorable.

game shows


We have a wide variety of game shows that can entertain the various events surrounding your weekend. First, we have family-friendly game shows designed to keep people entertained. In addition, the game shows can use family based information to supply the questions. It's a great way to bring people together and entertain.

For bachelorette and bachelor parties, the game shows can get a bit more risqué if you request it. This means that people can work together to have a great time. From parents and children finding out how much they actually know about one-another, to physical challenges that can be difficult to erotic. We can truly discover if someone is the Best Man or a Maid of Honor.

improv comedy


Our comedy shows run the full gamut. Whether you want to laugh along with our comedians, or want us to train your wedding party to perform comedy for the family and friends that have got together. These shows can be G rated to R. Just let us know about your desires and we work with you to make it happen.

Comedy Roasts: We can help spice up your rehearsal dinner with a comedy roast. Our comedy writers can work with you to help generate better material and assist you in enhancing the delivery of the material. We can also provide an emcee for your evening and help keep the evening rolling.

Sketch Comedy: THEY can continue to enhance the entertainment by writing sketches about the meeting of the bride and groom and their misadventures with an emphasis on the comedy.

With a variety of game shows, improv comedy and murder mystery dinners available to fit most any need, it's no wonder that so many families have appreciated the options we can bring to your special occasion.

united states

We come to you!
THEY improv is proud to provide family-friendly services for Faith-Based marriages around the country. This is all the more helpful for couples looking for a destination wedding where they might not be as familiar with the providers of the area. We bring the strength of a national company with local talent in 49 of the 50 states!

Improv-ing Marriages!
For a faith-based community, there is nothing more important than establishing the family unit that will create the following generations. That, of course, is the coming together of a man and wife in the bonds of holy matrimony. Every religion has a variety of ways to celebrate this union and to show appreciation for family that traveled to share the event. These gatherings bring people from all over. More and more often, people look to entertain their wedding party with unique ideas.


It's no longer enough to simply have a wedding party. Often, there's a rehearsal dinner, the exchanging of vows and the reception. Beyond these gatherings, people have begun having destination events, adventures, outings and other options to keep people entertained. This way people feel more inclined to attend the event and take time away from their busier and busier lives to celebrate family and future.

The shows are generally appropriate for any crowd but can also be adjusted to any of your particular needs.

Simply contact us to find out how we can customize our show to your needs. You will be surprised at how entertaining, fun and cost-effective we can be.


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We know that you might not have an exact date, but knowing roughly when your event might be can help us understand availability concerns. Also, knowing if your preference is for a particular day of the week, for a lunch, a dinner, or just during the day, and the length of your event, can help to determine the needs and best options for your group.


Our service area includes the top cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans as well as everywhere else in all 50 states and beyond.


We have methods and techniques to operate with a variety of social distancing, PPE safety equipment, and remote performances. We consult with you to best determine your needs and take into account your concerns for our performances.


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