While we focus on providing Faith-Based improv comedy to entertain families, religious groups, companies, charities and practically anyone else you can think of, we also are members of broader communities. The links below are to some websites that you may find of interest for a variety of reasons.

We are proud to provide quality entertainment to a variety of clients around the country. Our proclivity for customizing our shows to the needs of our clients has earned us a reputation for success. All of this while maintaining a reputation for being family-friendly and working with a variety of religious organizations to bring their message to the faithful.

murder mystery dinners


We provide family-friendly murder mystery entertainment that gets people bonding and laughing the night away while celebrating their faith.

game shows


We have game shows that get participants competing with one another in a friendly atmosphere.

improv comedy


Interactive comedic shows get people laughing while adjusting to the sentiment and training of the community.

talk shows


We can put the focus on faith and get people talking about important subjects in a fun environment.

team building


Develop your community and get people working together in charity and faith environments.

Below we have collected some links to general websites that you might find of use. Feel free to view these pages to potentially find some things you might like.

Arlington Comedy Guide
Chicago Improv Comedy With a Tropical Punch
Improv Miami Comedy - Improvisational theater troupes in South Florida.
Murder Mystery Wine Tastings
Port of New Orleans Unofficial Site - Find out about doing business in and around the port.
The Port of New York and New Jersey - NY and NJ Port Authority Unoffcial Information
Port of Seattle Unofficial Alaskan Cruises Info - Have a great trip in the Pacific Northwest.
Restaurant Promotional Shows - Singles events.
San Diego Comedy Guide - Find shows where you are.
San Francisco Team Building - Resources for employee bonding.
Therapy Through Entertainment - Mystery shows.
Wisconsin Milwaukee Comedy - Guide to shows.
Working Business Consultants - troupe providing advice for programs

And here are some more business-related links:

Caribbean Entertainment Company
Create a Culture of Safety
Europe Hotel Entertainment - for American corporate guests
Florida Film Resources - Guide to filmmaking in South Florida
Florida Search - Directory of websites in the state of Florida
Florida Stand-Up Comedy Guide - Shows throughout the state
Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday - Specials on your day.
Kuwait American Team Building Training
Latin America Corporate Events - for multi-nationals
Legal Improv Workshops - for law firms
Miami Beach Team Building Scavenger Hunts - fun on the sand
Names for Websites - Information
Orlando Murder Mystery Dinners
Port of Tampa Cruises - Information about the facilities, and parking for trips
Recruiting Events Using Entertainment
Secret Agent Academy
Tennessee Corporate Events - private events
THEY Corporate Team Building Training - fun, easy and effective
Todd Price Corporate Comedian for Hire - laugh
Toronto Murder Mystery Dinners - Oh, Canada

Feel free to view these sites for more information about their offerings.

As for our site, realize that we provide a variety of shows that work for everything from small church groups to huge Purim parties and just about anywhere else you might have a faith-based event throughout the country.

united states

THEY Have Grown!
While initially focused in South Florida, the group has expanded and calls upon actors all over the country. THEY improv has worked in all 50 US states, DC and Puerto Rico as well as in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and around much of Europe.


Our service area includes the top cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans as well as everywhere else in all 50 states and beyond.



Contact us by email at or by calling (866) 219-4386