We focus on providing sweet 16 parties with moral entertainment through shows that are provided by strong professional actors.

We provide a series of comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners that can be tailored to any needs that you may have to help you to celebrate your love.

murder mystery dinners


Our murder mysteries involve the kids talking to each other to figure out who committed the crime. This involves our host walking the kids through the process. With a variety of themes including a Miss Teen USA contest complete with talent competition, an audition complete with backstabbing actresses and audition pieces, and many more.

game shows


Our game shows are a great way to help you enjoy a good time. These shows include a variety of options that include competing with their friends and winning fun prizes. Game show options include variants that would remind you of popular TV game shows such as the Family Feud, the Match Game, the Newlywed Game, and Minute to Win It. The prizes are meant to be small and fun rather than valuable. After all, it shouldn't be about the prize, it should be about having fun with friends without materialism. Of course our shows are a bit different and are more focused on the needs of sweet 16 parties.

improv comedy


Improv comedy is a great way to involve everyone in a fun show. Besides a straight show similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway, we can also work with the kids in the event to get them on stage and performing with our actors. This makes it a great interactive evening perfect for those that want to be in the limelight.

With a variety of game shows, improv comedy and murder mystery dinners available to fit most any need, it's no wonder that so many families have appreciated the options we can bring to your special occasion.

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We come to you!
With family-friendly entertainment and formats that can fit almost any audience or venue, look to us for your entertainment needs. Contact us for your Sweet 16 parties by emailing us today and ask us for ideas to make the occasion a truly special one. We know that your daughter's friends are looking for a good time and you have every desire to see to her happiness. Let us help you make that happen for you from sea to shining sea.

Improv-ing Sweet 16 Parties!
Nothing makes family-friendly sweet 16 parties more successful than top improvisational comedians. Girls just want to have fun, and nothing says fun like laughter. THEY improv has a collection of performances that are tailored to sweet 16 parties while maintaining a strict moral standard.

sweet 16 parties

We have developed a variety of approaches to help you have a good time. These include game shows, improv comedy and murder mysteries. We are happy to talk to you about your options and the different budget levels available to you for your private event.

We have earned a reputation for making people laugh under almost any circumstance. Our actors can mill about within an event and entertain from within or take the stage and entrance the audience with daring feats of humor made up on the spot.

We look forward to talking to you about your family and the different options that we have for you. We'll work with you and come up with an event than will make you happy. Contact us today to learn about how we can help your sweet 16 party to be a great success.


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