We focus on providing murder mystery dinners to entertain at your private parties, corporate events, banquets and other gatherings. We can use these to provide moral and other lessons as well as to cement the bonds within the community along with developing new ones.

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Hire us for a customized show just for you. Yes, the perfect way to enhance any corporate event or private party is a customized murder mystery dinner show or lunch written just for the group and venue involved. We have choices that range from using participants in the show to strictly using our cast for client and employee appreciation, holiday gatherings and meetings and incentives awards programs.



We developed a new program where we utilize a number of people from your group as characters in the mystery. We are aware that they aren't professional actors and we are prepared to adjust to their mistakes.



We have enhanced the industry standard to be more interactive to the point where we can even adapt the show as we go along to incorporate elements that are provided by our audience. We greet people in character, interact and increase the tension until we have the murder. There are many themes including those with religious undertones.



The Ambush is where the people in the audience are unaware that we're providing a mystery. Our characters interact and create a situation that people think is real. This can include a challenge to the audience as they deal with moral conundrums.

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For much larger events, we conduct larger programs. This has more performers, can include characters as ambiance, such as photographers and the like, activities such as photo booths and games, and can have people submit answers via social media or solve the murder on stage.

A faith-based improv murder mystery event customized for your group has proven to be perfect for family gatherings, weddings, church socials or charity fundraisers! So exactly what is a murder mystery dinner and what does it entail? To answer this, and more specific questions, we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions here, along with appropriate answers.

A Great Alternative Choice!
Perfect for team building, faith-based events, birthday parties, church socials, weddings, family gatherings, dinners or charity fundraising!

Our actors come together and set up a murder mystery dinner or luncheon that the audience helps to solve. Interacting directly with the participants of the corporate event or private party, attendees help examine clues, evaluate witnesses and alibis, choose from a variety of suspects and determine the culprit.


How can a murder be faith-based?

We consider this to be more of a morality play. The character that is killed is usually an unsavory type and the motivations that others have for committing the crime are considered by them to be reasonable. In fact, some would think that the reasons are perfectly fine. The show treats the fact that anyone could be brought to murder is wrong and no amount of motivation can justify killing someone. From that perspective, a murder mystery has positive messages while also being entertaining that shows the characters in a negative light. The people in attendance are better than the characters being represented and should be rewarded for being better people.


Interaction Makes the Difference!

Once THEY begin, your audience will meet and talk with the crazy cast of characters, witness a crime and then work to solve the crime, all without CSI's crime lab! Laugh along with our professional, but bizarre, crime solver, as audience members help him interrogate suspects and work his way through the winding maze of clues. This often makes audience members shine, which is perfect for meetings and incentives awards gatherings, leaving employees with a sense of being appreciated.

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We come to you!
We come to whatever venue that you choose. This can include any area restaurant, hotel, conference facility, convention hall or even someone's home. We work with the venue to ensure a smooth operation. This includes working with their team to coordinate their sound, stage and lighting. We can provide sound equipment, etc., as well, but for an additional fee, though we usually opt to use the venue's equipment. Of course for smaller groups, no equipment is required and not using microphones enhances the intimacy of the show.

Whether it's for an Easter Pageant, Purim or Eid, we have a staff with family-friendly formats to help groups have a spirited night of fun while not challenging their faith.

For families, these can take place during celebrations for graduations, birthdays, Sweet 16, reunions, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, first Communion and just about anything else you can think of.

These shows work for everything from small church groups to huge Purim parties and just about anywhere else you might have a faith-based event throughout the country.


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Let us know the size of your group, what the background of the attendees are, the age range, and any information that you think might be useful.



Let us know what the celebration is for, if you have a preference for type of performance, if it will be around a meal or just during the day.



We need to know where this might be. Mostly, this means what city. If you also know the type of venue, that would be useful as well.



We know that you might not have an exact date, but knowing roughly when your event might be can help us understand availability concerns. Also, knowing if your preference is for a particular day of the week, for a lunch, a dinner, or just during the day, and the length of your event, can help to determine the needs and best options for your group.


Our service area includes the top cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans as well as everywhere else in all 50 states and beyond.


We have methods and techniques to operate with a variety of social distancing, PPE safety equipment, and remote performances. We consult with you to best determine your needs and take into account your concerns for our performances.


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