We focus on providing holiday parties with moral entertainment through shows that are provided by strong professional actors.

When the time for holiday parties comes around, you need a group that can provide entertainment that can match the season and use aspects of the event in the content of the performance. When in combination with such as celebration, it's all the more important to provide morally sound entertainment.

Each religion has its own holidays with their own history and influences. We adjust to the people at each event and work to bring a celebration that matches the faith of the people involved.

murder mystery dinners


We provide family-friendly murder mystery entertainment that gets people bonding and laughing the night away while celebrating their faith. We can customize to include the holiday or even use them to teach moral lessons.

game shows


We have game shows that get participants competing with one another in a friendly atmosphere and can help capture the essence of the season along the way.

improv comedy


Interactive comedic shows \
get people laughing while adjusting to the sentiment and training of the community. Individual pieces can be themed for the season.

With a variety of game shows, improv comedy and murder mystery dinners available to fit most any celebration, it is no wonder that so many turn to us to help with party planning.

united states

We come to you!
We serve all major urban centers including Miami, Tampa, Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, New Orleans, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Milwaukee as well as practically anywhere else you can think of. In all of these and more, we are ready to serve your group.

Let Us Help No Matter What Religion!
THEY improv is there for one purpose only, to provide your church group, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque or other faith-based group with top-quality and culturally sensitive entertainment at a lower cost than you might expect. We believe in people and work with performers from a variety of religious and social backgrounds. We ask of all of our performers to have a healthy respect and tolerance for all.

santa claus

Ring In The Holidays!
With family-friendly entertainment and formats that can fit almost any audience or venue, look to us for your entertainment needs. Contact us for your Christmas party. We can bring a little bit of the north pole to your group, whether family, friends or even a company office celebration.

We have top-notch comedy writers on staff that can come up with topical on-point comedy for your holiday party to help get across whatever the moral lessons are for this remembrance. Everything from Elves, Father Time, a Hip Hop Santa or Festivus for the Rest of Us. These sketches can entertain your end of year celebration while educating to some moral doctrine.

Make Any Holy Day the Holidays!
Deck the Halls with THEY improv and enjoy a night of family friendly merriment, though certainly there are many other holy days that we serve.


In addition, we provide game shows that will have your audience rolling in laughter while potentially learning more about the sanctity of the day. With the Match Me If You Can, The NewlyMet Game, Trivia and the Christmas Feud, there's bound to be an evening of fun and good cheer.

Of course not all celebrations are in December. Whether you are celebrating a rite of passage like a Sweet 16 or Bar Mitzvah, a religious remembrance like Easter or Passover or Purim or Eid, or a more secular observance with potential moral overtones like Halloween or Thankgsiving, our programming can take your event to the next level. Hey, we could even help make the greatest Arbor Day ever!


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Let us know what the celebration is for, if you have a preference for type of performance, if it will be around a meal or just during the day.



We need to know where this might be. Mostly, this means what city. If you also know the type of venue, that would be useful as well.



We know that you might not have an exact date, but knowing roughly when your event might be can help us understand availability concerns. Also, knowing if your preference is for a particular day of the week, for a lunch, a dinner, or just during the day, and the length of your event, can help to determine the needs and best options for your group.


Our service area includes the top cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans as well as everywhere else in all 50 states and beyond.


We have methods and techniques to operate with a variety of social distancing, PPE safety equipment, and remote performances. We consult with you to best determine your needs and take into account your concerns for our performances.


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